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Do you love horses, but have never played polo before? Are you an athlete who wants to try something new and different? Have you always wanted to play, but could never find a place to learn? Maybe you are an experienced player wanting to improve for the upcoming season? The Yale Polo and Equestrian Center is the place for you!

The Yale Polo and Equestrian Center is pleased to offer polo lessons at our facility in Bethany, CT. Lessons are taught on the YPEC ponies, who are well-schooled in teaching beginner players. We have ponies to suit all levels of riders and players, from beginners who have never held a mallet before to experienced players looking to hone their skills.

​YPEC offers not only polo training, but also riding lessons of all levels. Learn how to ride on safe, reliable horses, with the expertise of our patient teaching staff. Once you excel at beginner lessons, take your shot at polo!

Lesson Types

  • Riding lessons for all levels of experience

  • Beginner polo lessons for all ages

  • Group polo lessons including, but not limited to, swing training, drills, practice chukkers, and horse management

  • Private lessons for intensive swing analysis and training


Please contact us for pricing and any other questions you may have!

Lessons Enquiries


Julian Penados

Polo Program Manager and Coach

Yale Polo & Equestrian Center

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