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Yale Student Membership  ————— 

General Requirements

In order to join the Yale Polo Club Team, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student, or postgraduate affiliate of Yale University.  The team accepts new members at the beginning of the academic year (September).

Riding Requirements

Yale Polo does not require prior riding experience, but it is strongly encouraged. New members will be put into practice groups based on their prior experience. New members must also attend beginner riding clinics and horse care clinics during the academic year.

Graduate Students

Students at Yale’s graduate and professional schools, as well as postgraduate affiliates, are welcome to join and practice with the team. However, most graduate students cannot compete on the intercollegiate team because USPA rules permit only first-year, non-transfer graduate students who have already played as USPA members at Yale to participate in intercollegiate matches.

Membership Responsibilities

As a Yale Polo Club member (students), you will be required to:​

  • Attend and help at home games 

  • Ride sets (non-playing riding sessions to exercise horses) 

  • Pay club dues

    • Dues vary based on the number of practices per week and the type of member

Membership Enquiries


Toia Conde Rodriques da Cunha

Vice-President, Yale Club Polo Team

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