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Polo at Yale ————— 
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history ———— 

——— 1903: Today's polo team is established at Yale

Polo is one of the oldest team sports at Yale and one of the oldest collegiate polo programs in the United States. In continuous operation since 1903, The Yale Polo Club builds on a history of polo at Yale since 1886. Prior to 2009, Yale's polo program and its 60+ ponies were housed in the Yale Armory, where for nearly a century polo players competed in its regulation-size indoor arena and, once upon a time, on the adjacent intramural fields. The Armory was constructed in 1916, and was first used as a cavalry training center during World War I before becoming home to polo at Yale.


——— 2009: Yale University closes the Armory;

the Yale Polo & Equestrian Center is born.

When the University shuttered the stables at the Yale Armory in 2009, an independent 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, Yale Polo and Equestrian Center (YPEC), was formed to oversee operations and to manage the resources necessary to field a collegiate team. YPEC sold half of the polo ponies previously housed at the Armory, keeping just fifteen for the continuation of the college program. Allowing the team to continue uninterrupted, YPEC rented a practice facility and stabling, managed the horses, and supported community programs for youth and adults in New Haven and the surrounding community. 


Since its formation, YPEC has maintained a balanced operating budget through program fees, horse leasing revenue and the support of volunteers. Much of the initial success was due to a generous benefactor whose contribution of high goal horses, a truck, trailer and equipment has secured the foundation upon which we seek to build.

——— 2015: Yale Polo acquires its permanent home in Bethany, Connecticut

Help secure the future of Yale Polo here.


————— today

Yale is a member of the intercollegiate division of the United States Polo Association (USPA). Our Intercollegiate Women's and Men's teams compete both regionally and nationally in indoor arena polo. We have also competed in international outdoor polo tournaments in China and in the UK.


At Yale, there is polo for all ages and levels, both for students and for local players:




For those members that have very little or no riding experience, the first (or more) terms at Yale Polo will focus on riding — the fundamental skill in the sport of polo.



All new student members (graduate and undergraduate) join as beginners, though experienced players may be moved up to the Intermediate or Competing Teams. Beginners are players that have some riding experience but may never have picked up a mallet!


This is a slightly more advanced group that includes both graduate and undergraduate students who have progressed beyond the beginner level.



The intercollegiate Competing Team is made up of undergraduate men and women who play in intercollegiate USPA games and in international tournaments. Tryouts for the intercollegiate team are held at the beginning of the fall semester.



High school and middle school students play on the Yale Interscholastic Team, which regularly competes in USPA games and tournaments.



We hold weekly club chukkers for experienced local players of all ages. Experienced Advanced Grad and competing team players are occasionally invited to play in club chukkers.



We offer polo lessons for players of all riding and playing levels. 

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