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Yale Polo Coach Program Manager Position

Overview:  YPEC is seeking candidates for a year round position to manage and operate a robust and diverse set of polo programs at the Yale Polo facility in Bethany, CT.  Applicants will run the existing programs as well as continue to increase membership and identify new markets.  Demonstrated ability to take ownership of operations and make and implement budgetary decisions is key.  Teaching and coaching the various levels of play at a high level of excellence and safety is a primary goal in the selection of candidates.  Additionally, the candidate must be able to demonstrate knowledge and experience in the care and maintenance of a 25+ horse operation.

Consideration will be given to candidates interested in summer only (May – August) and academic year only (September – April) roles as well.

Target start date is September 1, 2024.

More below.

Position:  Yale Polo Program Manager/Coach

Term:  Year round salaried position


5 – 7 hours/day, Academic year (September – April)

6 days/week

4 – 6 hours/day, Summer (May – August)

5 days/week


The position offered is based at the Yale Polo and Equestrian Center located at 79 Rainbow Road, Bethany, Connecticut, 06524.


Job Duties:

Responsible for all polo programs at YPEC, FCHC and affiliates (Giant Valley, Cedar View, Upstate Polo, etc.)

Includes Middle School, Interscholastic, Intercollegiate, Club

Includes riding programs for Hamden Hall and potentially Eli Whitney Technical

  • Polo operation

    • Develop a program structure for lessons, club chukkers and practices

    • Market to and grow new members to participate in existing and new programs

    • Communicate weekly (or as needed) to register individuals and teams for programs

    • Organize practices and club chukkers, including assigning horses

    • Manage work-to-play arrangements with selected players

    • Work closely with the USPA to identify opportunities to leverage available services (e.g., umpire and teaching clinics, videos, tournaments)

    • Organize matches and tournaments for all aspects of the polo program, working with other coaches on scheduling and parents on participation and transportation (for interscholastic)

    • Transport horses, as needed, to tournaments and events

    • Coordinate with the Intercollegiate eBoard to ensure practice and game schedules are prepared in advance and university requirements met (e.g., EMT on hand for all games)

    • Generate invoices and ensure payment for all polo based activities

    • Participate in annual budgeting process to ensure realistic expectations are set for the upcoming year

  • Coaching/teaching

    • Develop a detailed lesson plan for semester based programs and summer programs/clinics and camps

    • Work with individuals and large groups of students (up to 10 simultaneously) to run drills, provide personalized instruction and organize practice chukkers

    • Match students with horses based on skills and learning needs

    • Provide constructive feedback to individuals and teams during lessons and games

  • Horse Management

    • Work with Barn Manager to ensure appropriate horse usage, care and feeding

    • Determine appropriate turn out schedule between seasons and transport horses as needed for turn-out

    • Assign horses appropriately for all polo related programs and events

    • Identify potential lease arrangements for summer leases (outgoing) and academic year (incoming)

    • Solicit donations/free leases of additional horses as needed to ensure appropriate numbers to support programs

    • Organize exercise riders and support as needed between seasons to leg up horses in time for scheduled activities

  • General

    • Meet all university and USPA requirements for coaching (e.g., background check, SafeSport, umpire test)

    • Maintain good driving record

    • Report to one member of the YPEC Board (Liz Brayboy for 2024/2025) and provide updates to an operating committee on a weekly basis as well as to the full YPEC Board as needed


Please email expressions of interest and a current resume to: or call (860) 916-2202 for more information.

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